Welcome to the JulbieCraft Store

Server IP:

Discord:  https://discord.gg/uDrJkgM

JulbieCraft is a 1.14.4 Skyblockserver that provides a fun, community-focused experience for everyone who decides to join. On our store, you can buy ranks, items, commands, and other perks to help support the server and keep it running every single day.  Thank you very, very much for your purchases.

Purchase & Payments 

Before purchasing, please make sure you have entered the correct Minecraft username. We cannot transfer packages from one player to another. After you confirm your purchase, you will get your items in-game within 30 minutes. If you purchase while you aren't on the server, no worries! You will get the items and ranks the next time you log-in. 

With that being said, if you do not receive your orders, contact our support via admin@julbiecraft.ml. We will help you out right away! 

Customer Support

If you do have any issues with your purchase, please feel free to reach out to us via email at admin@julbiecraft.ml.

Please note: All Chargebacks will result in an IP ban from our network. Further legal investigation regarding the chargeback may take place. Please reach out to our support team before attempting to do a chargeback.

Refund Policy

JulbieCraft does not provide refunds unless otherwise stated. Due to funds being allocated towards projects, development, and server staff to improve JulbieCraft, we do not provide refunds. As per our Terms of Service, all sales are final after checkout; however, if you do have an issue with your purchase, such as being charged an incorrect amount, please reach out to us via email at admin@julbiecraft.ml

Attempting to go around the Refund Policy and doing a chargeback on the purchase will result in a Permanent IP Ban on JulbieCraft Servers as well as a ban on Tebex (e-commerce platform that Minecraft servers use to process purchases) that prevents you from making purchases on other server stores. Further legal investigation regarding the chargeback may/will take place. Please reach out to our support team before attempting to do a chargeback on any purchase if there is a problem with your purchase.

JulbieCraft are not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang AB or Notch Development. We are not affiliated with Mojang or Notch. Do not contact them for any issue that may arise here.